The psyche plays an equally important role such as nutrition, exercise, metabolism and social factors. Here you will find important connections and learn how acupuncture points, thoughts and many other possibilities can help you to achieve your goal of losing weight easily and successfully on your own.

Civilized thinking is often characterised by projecting the causes and responsibility of existing problems away from oneself, onto others or others – including obesity. The following facts are often forgotten.

Build up intestinal flora – finally lose weight

It is now known that people who gain weight easily or do not lose weight at all, whatever diets they try, have certain intestinal bacteria in their intestinal flora that are absent from the intestinal flora of slim people.

The fattening intestinal bacteria can digest dietary fibres themselves and convert them into fat. They are the same dietary fibres that are excreted unchanged in the stool of slim people.

Symbiosis control (building up the intestinal flora with probiotics, e.g. Combi Flora) helps to regulate the composition of the intestinal flora in such a way that weight loss can work again.

Reduce fat, protect muscles – with vegetable proteins
In a diet, very little is often eaten, even very little protein. This can be useful if you have eaten a lot of animal protein and are already suffering from chronic diseases that can be accompanied by an excess of protein (gout, kidney stones, arteriosclerosis, etc.).

But it can also happen that the small number of calories in a diet and the small amounts of protein that you now consume lead to a protein deficiency. In combination with a lack of exercise, muscle loss occurs while the fat reserves remain.

The result: you may become thin, but wobbly and unsightly.

Proteins are also needed to build up antibodies of the immune system and to build up hormones, enzymes and much more.