A cure to lose weight can be an interesting thing for everyone who has tried diet and fasting cures at home several times without success, but has not really progressed. We know that losing weight quickly and maintaining a diet is really not easy. Who chamfered in the usual Lebensumfeld at home tries, that must take often much too many hurdles at once: The everyday life from work, spare time and living surrounding field demands us normally a rhythm, which runs off always after similar samples and daily routines. It will be difficult to pass familiar cafes overnight, to do without the lunch table at the Frittenbude with colleagues, to leave the regulars’ table, it will be difficult to fill a gap for additional sports or it will be tedious to cook something healthy instead of fast food.

An alternative way to lose weight can be a cure away from everyday life. If you can concentrate completely on yourself, switch off from everyday life and hand over the annoying routines and ToDo´s, then you have the best chances to successfully complete your weight loss program. With our weight loss treatment in the well-tended spa hotel at the Rehazentrum, far away from the stress of everyday life, we offer a programme and an environment that makes it easier for you to get started with healthy weight loss.

Fasting and diet with the professional

With our slimming cures we proceed according to proven concepts for weight reduction. We want to help you lose weight moderately and healthily. The cure, the pure stay alone does not cause you to lose weight in the long run. Important here are the components of our slimming cure: The combination of a change in diet, diet or weight loss and sporting activities lays the foundation for you to get rid of your excess pounds and to reduce your excess weight consistently and sustainably.

Healthy weight loss with medical assistance

The weight loss treatment begins immediately after your arrival at our spa clinic in the Bavarian State Spa Bad Bocklet. You will move into a modern room and then visit the Chief Physician for Preventive Medicine for medical admission.
Depending on the type of diet chosen (fasting or weight loss), our doctor will ask your questions and then work with you to determine the focal points for sports and nutrition therapy for the duration of your treatment. You will also define goals, which forms of purification and fasting you would like and which body weight you would like to achieve by the end of the cure. You will receive tips and advice on how to deal consciously with your body.